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How to migrate from MetaMask to XDEFI

How to migrate

Please follow the below steps (1-24) in order:

1. Click on the MetaMask extension in the top right corner of your web browser

‌2. Unlock MetaMask with your password

‌3. Click on the image associated with your account at the top right of your MetaMask home screen

‌4. Select Settings in the drop-down menu

5. Select ‘Security and Privacy’

‌6. Click on ‘Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase’

‌7. Enter your password to reveal

8. Click on the ‘Next’ button

9. Note your Recovery Phrase in a safe place

10. Close MetaMask‌

11. Download and install the latest available version of XDEFI on your web browser

  • XDEFI is currently supported on Chrome, Brave, Opera, Côc Côc,  Edge and soon Firefox: Download XDEFI now

12. Click on the XDEFI Wallet extension

13. Click on ‘Let’s get started’

14. Click on ‘Restore XDEFI Wallet’

15. Click on ‘Restore with secret phrase’

16. Enter secret phrase: type your MetaMask secret phrase here

17. Click on the ‘Next’ button

18.Enter a local password for your XDEFI Wallet extension and confirm this password
(⚠️ 12 characters or longer) (⚠️ No sequence of characters repeated 3 times)

19. Read and agree to the Terms and conditions

20. Click on the ‘Next’ button

‌21. Enter a name for your wallet

22. Click on the ‘Next’ button

23. Make XDEFI your default browser wallet via radio button

Note : This option makes XDEFI your default browser wallet when you interact with web applications.

By turning this option ON, XDEFI will take priority over wallet extensions (e.g. MetaMask) you may have installed in your browser when connecting to web applications? This option is easily accessible from the wallet menu in case you change your mind!

24. Click on the ‘Next’ button


I’ve imported my MetaMask seed phrase into XDEFI, but all my balances are at 0; I have no assets in the “Owned” tab and the Ethereum public deposit address(es) generated after the import aren’t the same. What is the problem?

This can occur for two reasons:

1. You have not imported the correct seed phrase (the one of your current MetaMask wallet) but another seed phrase.

2. You have imported the correct seed phrase, but the account(s) you have in your MetaMask wallet have been manually imported via private key(s) and are not linked to your MetaMask wallet’s seed phrase & private key‌‌.

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