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What is an airdrop and why can they be dangerous?

Airdrops are distributions of digital assets to the public

by virtue of holding a certain token or simply by virtue of holding an active address on a particular blockchain.

However, if you receive airdropped tokens / NFTs on one of your XDEFI Wallet addresses but don’t know about these crypto assets or why you received them, DO NOT interact with them.
Sometimes these are harmless promotional airdrops, but they can also be phishing attempts to trick the user into interacting with their wallet (sometimes by displaying real wallet data on a fraudulent website) in order to take away funds.
This happens mainly on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain (BSC) addresses but can happen on any chain (and with addresses generated by any wallet provider).
So DO NOT try to send/sell/swap these crypto assets.
The only way to avoid seeing these tokens is not to add them to your main screen or create a new wallet or account (but this does not guarantee that this new wallet or account will not receive suspicious tokens in turn).
Remember : 
  • Have a safe web browsing experience and double-check the URLs you visit.

Be aware that a fraudulent site address may start with https (with a lock icon). The lock doesn’t tell you anything about the legitimacy of the website. The only thing it means is that the website sends and receives information from your web browser via an encrypted connection.

Don’t interact with unknown airdrops.

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