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How do I add my assets to the home screen?

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Native coins are directly visible from the XDEFI Wallet home screen, however you will have to manually add other tokens. Please note: NFTs will appear automatically in the NFT interface:

  • Click on the “+/Add assets” button from your XDEFI Wallet home screen
  • Press “Owned” tab
  • Add/Re-add your tokens

If you have already added the token, a wallet refresh may be necessary.
NB: You can also add the tokens from the tabs :
  • Top: which corresponds to the complete list and offers a search bar

  • Custom: where you will have to fill in :
. the Token Contract Address
. the Token Symbol
. the Decimals of Precision
Note: You can delete a token previously added at any time :
. In your XDEFI Wallet home screen, click on the three ellipses associated with the token
. Select the Delete token option

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