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XDEFI Wallet supports THORchain (RUNE)


What is THORChain?

THORChain is a decentralized exchange (DEX) created in 2018 by an anonymous team to bring a multi-chain solution that can connect any Layer 1 blockchain. Anyone can swap from any crypto to any other supported crypto simply by connecting a THORChain-compatible wallet.
THORChain implements an AMM design with liquidity pools to solve the issue of fragmented liquidity spread across different chains that can’t interact. Think of each different crypto with its own chain as its own separate road and THORChain acts as the highway which connects all roads, helping to route traffic easily.
THORChain is a Cosmos-based protocol that allows users to swap and earn yield on Layer 1 (native) cryptocurrencies across different blockchains (BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, BNB, AVAX and more) without the need for a centralized exchange (CEX).

What are the core features of THORChain?

  • Cross-chain asset exchange: THORChain enables the exchange of assets across different blockchain networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.
  • Decentralized liquidity pools: THORChain uses decentralized liquidity pools to ensure that there is always sufficient liquidity available for asset swaps.
  • Non-custodial: THORChain is a non-custodial protocol, which means that users retain control of their assets at all times.
  • Trustless: THORChain is a trustless protocol, which means that users do not need to trust any central authority to perform swaps or hold their assets.
  • Fair pricing: THORChain uses a pricing mechanism that ensures that users get a fair price for their assets, regardless of the size of their trade.
  • Cross-chain liquidity incentives: THORChain uses incentives to encourage users to provide liquidity to the network, which helps to ensure that there is always sufficient liquidity available for asset swaps.
  • Interoperability: THORChain is designed to be interoperable with other blockchain networks, which means that it can be used to facilitate asset swaps between different networks.

What is the native token of THORChain?

The native token is the native RUNE (THOR.RUNE) token. It is required to process transactions on the THORChain blockchain.
Note there are three different types of the RUNE token currently; BEP2, ETH, and native RUNE. BEP2 and ETH based RUNE are the (wrapped) legacy versions of RUNE that are listed on CEX’s and must be “upgraded” to native RUNE in order to use the RUNE productively.

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