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What is THORChain?

THORChain is a decentralized exchange (DEX) created in 2018 by an anonymous team to bring a multi-chain solution that can connect any Layer 1 blockchain. Anyone can swap from any crypto to any other supported crypto simply by connecting a THORChain-compatible wallet.
THORChain implements an AMM design with liquidity pools to solve the issue of fragmented liquidity spread across different chains that can’t interact. Think of each different crypto with its own chain as its own separate road and THORChain acts as the highway which connects all roads, helping to route traffic easily.
THORChain is a Cosmos-based protocol that allows users to swap and earn yield on Layer 1 (native) cryptocurrencies across different blockchains (BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, BNB, AVAX and more) without the need for a centralized exchange (CEX).

What makes THORChain unique?

No wrapped assets are used; the network uses only real, native assets.
Continuous Liquidity Pools (CLPs) exist for each asset swappable on THORChain. The crypto, such as BTC, is always paired with RUNE in a pool. (BTC+RUNE is a pool, ETH+RUNE is a pool, UST+RUNE is a pool, etc.) Anyone depositing BTC and/or RUNE into this pool is a Liquidity Provider (LP) and entitled to some of the pool’s revenue.
THORChain pools find the true market price for assets. The prices are defined by the swap activity and get quickly corrected as assets move in and out of the pools, removing the need for an external price oracle.

What are the core features of THORChain?

What is the native token of THORChain and where can I buy it?

The native token is the native RUNE (THOR.RUNE) token. It is required to process transactions on the THORChain blockchain.
Note there are three different types of the RUNE token currently; BEP2, ETH, and native RUNE. BEP2 and ETH based RUNE are the (wrapped) legacy versions of RUNE that are listed on CEX’s and must be “upgraded” to native RUNE in order to use the RUNE productively.
RUNE can be purchased through Centralized Exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, or Coinbase. To avoid using a CEX, utilize the cross-chain swap functionality within XDEFI Wallet or utilize any THORChain webapp to swap to native RUNE.

Where can I get a THORChain wallet?

XDEFI Wallet allows you to safely store, send, and swap THORChain (RUNE) tokens directly within the wallet.
XDEFI Wallet is multichain and supports more than 9000 tokens including RUNE and all THORChain tokens.
XDEFI Wallet is also compatible with Thorswap and other THORChain dApps.

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