What is a cross-chain swap?

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Cross-chain swap functionality allows you to exchange two different cryptocurrencies that run on their own blockchain without passing by an intermediary party (e.g. a swap with BTC and RUNE).

XDEFI Wallet :xdefiwallet: Swaps are now powered by :

. 1inch :1inch:
. Wormhole :WormholeLogo06:
. ParaSwap :paraswap:
. OpenOcean :openocean:
. Multichain :multichain:
on top of previously supported THORChain :thorchain:

You can now swap 10,000 assets from 12 blockchains natively within XDEFI Wallet :xdefiwallet:! :btc: :bch: :ltc: :bnb: :doge: :eth: :bsc: :matic: :avax: :ftm: :aeth: :thorchain:

All routes are also available in our Web App.

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