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How to choose a THORChain wallet

THORChain wallets

Each interface of THORChain has a set of wallets which can be used to swap and deposit or withdraw liquidity on the networks supported by THORChain. But finding the right THORChain wallet can be tricky.

THORChain web interfaces include:

Each of these web interfaces has its own set of compatible wallets and dApps used to connect different blockchains, using THORChain for native cross-chain swaps.

THORChain wallets at the time of writing:

Brokkr: XDEFI Wallet, Trust Wallet.

Rango: XDEFI Wallet, Metamask, TerraStation.

THORSwap: XDEFI Wallet, Metamask, TerraStation, Wallet Connect, Keystore Wallets, Ledger.

THORWallet: Multichain mobile wallet for Android and iPhone.

DefiSpot: XDEFI Wallet, Metamask,Keplr,Coinbase.

One advantage XDEFI Wallet has over all other wallets is that you are able to connect all the chains at the same time and start swapping or providing liquidity easily. With some of the other wallet types, options are limited to the chains supported in those wallets. You may need to change chains manually or enter the address of your address of the second chain that is receiving the new asset you swapped for.


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