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I’ve been hacked, what should I do?

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If you are a victim of fraud or theft, be sure to secure your funds

  • Go to XDEFI Wallet Security Settings, select “dApps permission management”, Select all, Revoke all access
  • Clear your web browser history (All data / Time range : All time)
  • Proceed to the analysis of your computer
  • Clean/delete any unwanted files on your computer
  • Refer to your antivirus software and verify its settings
  • Refer to your firewall and double-check its permissions
  • Set a new password for your XDEFI Wallet by going back to the Settings and selecting the Change login password option
  • Enable the Require password for transaction option if it is not already enabled
  • Define or redefine the password to access your OS session
  • You may want to encrypt your Operating System
  • From a legal point of view and for any step, please comply with the legal provisions in force in your country / jurisdiction

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