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How do I keep my wallet secure and my money safe?

Securing funds

The best bits of advice to keep your funds safe & secure

  • Activate the “Autolock” option in the XDEFI Wallet Settings (note that it is impossible to connect to any dApp once the wallet is locked)
  • Activate the “Require password for transactions” option in the XDEFI Wallet Settings
  • Do not disclose your XDEFI Wallet password to anyone
  • Use a hardware wallet as well to require manual interaction with it when validating transactions
  • Keep your hardware wallet PIN and seed phrase secure
  • Save your XDEFI Wallet secret phrase(s), backup file, keystore file(s), password, and recovery code on an external & offline device that you keep safe
  • Encrypt this external device and/or the main file containing all of this data
  • Do not share any passphrase, backup file, keystore file, password, or code with anyone
  • Pay attention to the websites you visit
  • Do not send funds lightly

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