Can I buy crypto using XDEFI Wallet?

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Yes, you can buy crypto assets using XDEFI Wallet via third-party Ramp Network:

  • From the XDEFI Wallet home screen, click on the Send button
  • From a newly opened tab in your web browser, select the crypto asset of your choice

  • Select your country and its associated currency, then the desired amount

  • Fill in your email address
  • Read and agree to Ramp’s Terms of Service
  • Read and accept the additional information

  • Confirm your email address by entering the code you received

  • Enter the email address

In our example, this is the Ethereum address of one of our XDEFI Wallet accounts.


What are Ramp fees ?

Ramp offers the best fees in the industry
Many on-ramps hide their fees by offering bad rates. Some of them even offer “free” service. Ramp offers the best rates and honest, low fees.
Manual transfer transactions
0.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR 0.49% per transactions greater than 2500 EUR (0.99% on 2500 EUR, then 0.49% on additional amount)
Easy transfer transactions
1.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR 1.49% for transactions greater than 2500 EUR (1.99% on 2500 EUR, then 1.49% on additional amount)
Credit and debit card transactions
The minimum fee per transaction is 2.49 EUR.
We also apply an additional network processing fee to cover blockchain transaction costs. This fee profits the miners/validators, not Ramp.
Transactions (and certain operations connected to them) will be recorded on blockchain and will require the network fee (i.e. dedicated amount of crypto currency comprising the cost of running operations on the blockchain) to be saved in the chain of blocks. Amount of the network fee paid or types of transactions or activities that require the network fee may vary (the network fee price is adjusted to the current blockchain requirements, and this is beyond our control).
Your bank may charge additional fees for purchases made with a credit card. To avoid these fees, switch to debit card or bank transfer.
Refunds of non-compliant transfers are subject to a handling fee of € 15.


Try XDEFI Wallet Now!

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