Exclusive $XDEFI airdrop for Coinstore users!


XDEFI is proud to join forces with Coinstore to bring the next million users to Web3.

To celebrate the collaboration, all registered Coinstore users can claim their share of an exclusive $20,000 $XDEFI airdrop!


To claim your airdrop, simply follow these quick steps: 

  1. Install XDEFI Wallet:     go.xdefi.io/coinstore
  2. Complete the XDEFI wallet onboarding.
  3. Connect your XDEFI Wallet to:     https://app.xdefi.io/coinstore
  4. Enter your Coinstore UID and click ‘Register for the airdrop’.
    Your Coinstore UID is located under your name on the home page.


In order to be eligible for the airdrop you MUST meet the following criteria: 

  1. Be a KYC’d user of Coinstore exchange; and
  2. Have XDEFI Wallet installed.


Airdrop details & helpful links: 

  • Here are some helpful guides:
  • $XDEFI token information
  • All eligbile users will receive between $2 and $3 worth of $XDEFI tokens, regardless of the number of participants.
    • The $20,000 worth of $XDEFI is a target number, assuming 10,000 users participate.
      • The total prize pool will be increased if more than 10,000 users register.
      • The total prize pool will be decreased if fewer than 6,666 users participate.
    • We are anticipating a large participation and have structured it this way to ensure that even if 30,000 people participate, XDEFI can increase the prize pool so everybody will receive an airdrop of $2.
  • Coinstore will airdrop the funds to your Coinstore account.
  • The airdrop will take place on or around January 15, 2024.
  • The number of $XDEFI tokens will be fixed in the 24 hours prior to the airdrop based on the CoinMarketCamp $XDEFI price.
  • Please follow the XDEFI Twitter and XDEFI Telegram accounts for updates on the airdrop status.