The XDEFI Wallet Mission

At XDEFI Wallet, our mission is to build the premier Web3 crypto gateway. 

Four core things set a Web3 gateway apart from centralised Web2 exchanges:

1. Swap 10,500+ assets: 
XDEFI Wallet will soon allow our users to swap 10,500+ assets across 16 blockchainsall from within your wallet. This currently represents 60x more assets than Coinbase and 25x more than Binance.

2. Permissionless onboarding & unlimited withdrawals: 
Any user from almost any country¹ can instantly create a non-custodial account and begin trading. All XDEFI Wallet users enjoy unlimited swaps and unlimited withdrawals.

3. Seamlessly connect to every dApp:
Web2 exchanges are walled gardens. XDEFI Wallet seamlessly connects to every dApp in Web3 across every supported blockchain.

4. A single gallery for all your NFTs:
XDEFI Wallet neatly displays all your NFTs from every chain in a single customisable gallery, allowing your portfolio to travel with you as you move between blockchains.

We have been working towards this vision for two years. Now we are excited to share that we are now close to realising some major milestones on our journey to build the premier Web3 crypto gateway:

  • Five new Blockchain integrations:  
    • We are finalising native integrations for: DOGE, Fantom, Arbitrum, Solana, and NEAR / Aurora.
    • This will bring our total to 16 supported blockchains, covering 10,500+ cryptocurrencies, which represents more than 80% of all tokens listed on CoinGecko.
  • Five new DEX and Bridge integrations:
    • We are working on native integrations for: Wormhole, Open Ocean, Paraswap, 1inch and Rainbow Bridge.
    • This will enable XDEFI Wallet users to easily swap almost any-to-any asset for 10,500+ cryptocurrencies, all within the wallet. This represents 60x more tokens than you can swap on Coinbase, and 25x more than you can swap on Binance.
  • XDEFI cross-chain API and DEX / Bridge aggregator:
    • We have been busy building a unique cross-chain API and DEX / Bridge aggregator over the last 9 months and we plan to roll this out in stages in Q3 and Q4 2022.
    • The XDEFI API features proprietary indexers for balances, NFTs and LP tokens across 16 blockchains.

This unique API will equip XDEFI Wallet with the tools and robust infrastructure required to scale to millions of users, who will all be able to simultaneously interact with swaps, NFTs and LP tokens across 16 blockchains

We envision a world in which anybody, anywhere can safely store any cryptocurrency and easily swap it for any other cryptocurrency, all while enjoying seamless connectivity with every dApp in Web3. 

¹ Only countries where owning cryptocurrency is legal.