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XDEFI Wallet: Getting started

XDEFI Wallet: Getting started

How to migrate from MetaMask to XDEFI Wallet

Find out how to migrate from MetaMask Wallet to XDEFI Wallet. 1. Click on the MetaMask extension in the top...

How to migrate from Terra Station to XDEFI Wallet

You can migrate with your Terra Station secret phrase or with your Terra Station private key. The first part of...

How to create / restore a Ledger Wallet in XDEFI Wallet

Create / restore a Ledger wallet in XDEFI Wallet Click on the XDEFI Wallet extension From the XDEFI Wallet home...

How to import a wallet into XDEFI Wallet using a seed phrase or .json keystore

Method 1 : Import XDEFI Wallet or external wallet using seed phrase from the XDEFI Wallet menus 1. Press the...

How do I create a new XDEFI Wallet?

XDEFI Wallet step-by-step onboarding guide How do I create a new Wallet? 1. Download and install the latest available version...

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