What is a backup file?

A backup file is a global save of 1 wallet and its account(s) or several wallets and their respective account(s)...

What is a keystore file?

A keystore file is a save of a specific wallet and its account(s) This file has the name you have...

What happens if I forget the password to decrypt a .json file (backup or keystore)?

If you forget or lose your password, you must restore your wallet using your recovery code or secret phrase

What is the Autolock option?

The Autolock option has the effect of locking the XDEFI Wallet extension in your web browser after a certain period...

What is an airdrop and why can they be dangerous?

Airdrops are distributions of digital assets to the public by virtue of holding a certain token or simply by virtue...

How secure are you, have you had any audits?

The wallet is secure and yes we did an audit here are the available links : Medium article Full audit...

Do I have to give you control of my coins / tokens?

No, you are the sole owner and responsible for your crypto assets XDEFI Wallet is a non-custodial & decentralised wallet...

How to restore an account/deposit address via private key

Find out how to restore an account/deposit address via private key with XDEFI Wallet Download XDEFI Wallet browser extension here

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