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Introduction to THORChain

Introduction to THORChain

What is THORChain?

“An overly simplistic explanation is that THORChain is “like Uniswap, but multi-chain.” – Erik Voorhees, founder of ShapeShift. THORChain is...

Intro to THORChain RUNE ($RUNE)

Rune is the native asset to the THORChain ecosystem. With the native $RUNE token, a holder has the ability to...

How to choose a THORChain wallet

Each interface of THORChain has a set of wallets which can be used to swap and deposit or withdraw liquidity...

What makes THORChain unique?

As the importance of cross-chain swaps becomes more and more apparent, many other protocols are working to bring interoperability among...

Intro to THORChain synths

In the context of THORChain (TC), synths are primitives for both higher-order financial features, as well as fully-secured, fully-backed synthetic...

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