Putting the XDEFI token to use: An overview

The XDEFI token has been in the wild since the end of November 2021 and we thought that now is a good time to summarise the key information about it and to let you know how you can put $XDEFI to use right now and in the future.

XDEFI token basic information

Let’s start with some basic facts about the $XDEFI token:


Where you can buy $XDEFI


Kucoin | Centralized exchange| ERC20 token | pair : $XDEFI/$USDT | kucoin.com


Huobi | Centralized exchange| ERC20 token | pair : $XDEFI/$USDT | huobi.com


Gate.io | Centralized exchange| ERC20 token | pair : $XDEFI/$USDT | gate.io


Astroport | Decentralized exchange | CW20 token : astroport.fi


  Sushiswap | Decentralized exhange | ERC20 token : sushi.com


Bitrue | Centralized exchange| ERC20 token | pair : $XDEFI/$USDT | bitrue.com

Provide liquidity on SushiSwap to earn fees

Immediately following our successful public sale on SushiSwap’s Miso platform (read more about it here), we set up a decentralised liquidity pool directly on SushiSwap.

If you decide to provide liquidity to this pool (by providing both $XDEFI and $WETH), you are eligible for a part of the trading fees captured by this pool.


Add liquidity

Pool analytics

Bridge XDEFI From Ethereum to any Terra wallet using Wormhole or Terra Bridge

As we decided to bring the $XDEFI token not only to Ethereum but also to the Terra blockchain, you can also swap between those two networks via the Wormhole bridge.

To do this, simply go to Wormhole Token Bridge, select the origin and destination network (e.g. sending tokens from Ethereum to a Terra wallet) and search for the $XDEFI Token using the ERC20 or CW20 addresses (which are included at the beginning of this article).

Swapping the $XDEFI token between Ethereum and Terra

In February 2022, we will also release a Wormhole integration directly within our wallet, you will then no longer need to connect to a third-party application to bridge between the Ethereum and Terra ecosystems.

You will be able to swap tokens between the Ethereum and the Terra network directly within XDEFI Wallet

There is so much more to come in 2022

This article only summarises (some of) the very first opportunities to put your XDEFI utility tokens to work. There is plenty more in store for the coming weeks and months and for your convenience we intend to frequently update this article with additional information.

Here is a brief sneak peek of some of the upcoming options for $XDEFI:

  • Provide Liquidity in the XDEFI/RUNE pool on Thorchain and earn fees
  • Stake unilaterally $XDEFI within the wallet and earn additional $XDEFI


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For the avoidance of doubt this article is not advising you what to do with your money or cryptocurrencies, it is instead solely summarising and demonstrating some of the opportunities provided by the $XDEFI utility token.

Before deciding whether to purchase any cryptocurrencies, to carry out any staking or farming activities or to provide liquidity to any liquidity pools, please carry out your own detailed research and due diligence and ensure that you are fully aware of all the risks involved with cryptocurrencies, staking and/or farming cryptocurrencies and with liquidity pools including the concept of impermanent loss.

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