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How do I acquire native Rune?

Native Rune

Native RUNE is the native asset on the THORChain blockchain, with the address format “thorxxxxxx”. Do keep in mind that there are currently two non-native versions of RUNE, one on Ethereum (ERC20 RUNE) and one on Binance Chain (BEP2 RUNE). These versions existed prior to native RUNE to drive demand from these chains. Eventually, these two versions will be eliminated to facilitate all RUNE becoming native.

At the time of writing, there is still minimal support on centralised exchanges to buy native RUNE. One option is

What are the steps to acquire native Rune?

Below are steps to acquire native RUNE from the THORChain protocol itself:

  1. Create or import a non-custodial wallet that supports native RUNE. Most of these wallets (e.g. XDEFI Wallet) can then be used to connect to one of the front-end interfaces of THORChain (e.g. THORSwap).
  2. Check which are the assets currently supported on THORChain, ensure you own one of these assets in the wallet you are using and do a swap for native RUNE. Make sure you have enough gas for the swap.
  3. With The XDEFI Wallet extension, you may also use the in-wallet swapping tab to obtain RUNE with crypto you already have in your wallet.

Alternatively, if you have some ERC20 or BEP2 RUNE (e.g. bought from centralised exchanges), you can again send these to your non-custodial wallet, connect to front-end interfaces, and choose to “Upgrade” to native RUNE at 1:1 value. Do take note that this upgrade bridge may not be available forever.

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